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Frank Field MP
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Latest from Frank

- Published in The House - 28 October 2019
House magazine
Welfare claimants are resorting to prostitution as a result of a system that is pushing them further into poverty, writes Frank Field MP
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 28 October 2019
Liverpool Echo
Two Merseyside men suffering with awful conditions were turned down for support
Press Release - 28 October 2019
Food bank
Where to access free meals and activities in half term
- Published in The Guardian - 24 October 2019
After completing our review of the Modern Slavery Act, which the government asked us to undertake, Maria Miller MP, Baroness Butler-Sloss and I have gone on to conduct an inquiry into trafficking for sexual exploitation. As part of our evidence-gathering sessions, we heard from representatives from immigration enforcement and Border Force teams. What they told us was shocking and leads me to believe that our country risks cases like the awful tragedy of the lorry found in Essex being far from unique
Article - Published in The Independent - 23 October 2019
The National Audit Office (NAO) said it would call on the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to reveal what information it held on the issue, after ministers refused to provide Frank Field MP with figures on the number of people in the welfare system who had taken their own lives.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 10 October 2019
Liverpool Echo
Frank Field MP blasts DWP after man in 'appalling' pain told to give back mobility car
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 07 October 2019
Liverpool Echo
Birkenhead MP Frank Field said the man was denied the crucial 'mobility element' of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) despite his serious condition.

Frankly Speaking

04 February 2019
When Parliament gave the Government the green light to hold an in-out referendum on...
26 June 2018
Bob Varney’s family buried him today and a large number of friends and admirers came to bear

Frank's Tweets

Home Office accused of covering up plight of hundreds of trafficking victims wrongly detained in immigration centres

Frank's Campaigns

Re-establishing a social contract from the ethics of the major world religions
Preventing poor children becoming poor adults
Supporting cathedrals to establish cathedral schools in their cities
Rip-Off Britain
Frank is campaigning against a series of rip-off charges facing ordinary people, and which add to the poverty premium faced by poorer households
In 2014, Frank was selected to chair the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on the Government's Draft Modern Slavery Bill
In 2013, then-Home Secretary, Theresa May, asked Frank to lead an evidence review for the proposed Modern Slavery Bill
Investigating the root causes behind hunger and demand for food banks
Cool Earth
Protecting rainforests to help combat climate change
Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chanc
Seeking sustainable solutions to child and family poverty
Cash Machine Charges
Campaign for More Free Cash Machines in Deprived Areas
Promoting the vital importance of the foundation years
Balanced Migration
Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration
King James Bible Trust
Celebrating the 400th anniversary of 'The Book That Changed The World'
Poverty and Life Changes
In 2010 Frank chaired the Review, reporting to the Prime Minister
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