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Councillor Julie McManus from Bidston ward came down and sat with me before the annual meeting of Wirral’s Foodbank last week. She told me she was off to feed the homeless and other hungry people in Hamilton Square. Here is her report on just one hungry family: 'The grandfather brought in his coat a little boy who must have been under 2 years old. As we fed the hungry, the little boy’s mouth opened and closed like a little bird in the nest crying out for food. I fed him with...
The Government’s welfare cuts are forecast to trigger an increase in inequality – a concerning development in and of itself. But a much more serious consequence of those cuts is the accompanying rise of destitution. Feeding Birkenhead is working tirelessly to prevent poorer families and individuals falling into the clutches of destitution. Yet the frontline projects and volunteers who undertake this work report that a growing number of vulnerable people are dropping out of...
Leaving the EU was never a one-stop goal. Leaving was a crucial political objective only because it will allow us to settle all the big issues facing the country in our own way and time. Our departure should be the starting gun for a renaissance across the whole of public life as a new pride in being British, or English as it is now more often expressed, sweeps across our affairs. Brexit will galvanise the country to reform as it has not done before. One move in this renaissance...
The drive behind the Government’s programme to tackle modern slavery has never been greater. However, there remain huge gaps in this programme which leave many victims vulnerable, destitute and homeless. In mobilising support for Lord McColl’s Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill), the Free for Good campaign holds out the potential to bridge those gaps. The Bill gives all victims of modern slavery a year’s leave to remain in the UK, so that they can begin to rebuild...
Birkenhead once again led the country’s efforts to prevent children being hungry during the six-week summer holiday. Over 1,100 children benefitted from the programme of free meals and activities provided by Feeding Birkenhead. And the programme continues to build up a head of steam. Added to our regular programme over the summer was a truly inspirational Assistant Headteacher, Louisa Blake, who took it upon herself to prepare lunches for 150 children every day, mainly in the North...
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