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Press Release - 16 July 2019
Food bank
During last year’s Summer Holiday, the Feeding Birkenhead, Supporting Wirral network served 10,000 meals and laid on a range of enriching activities for 888 children across the town. This year’s programme is even bigger and is likely to help even more children.
Press Release - 15 July 2019
Commons Chamber
Heidi Allen MP and Frank Field MP are presenting to Parliament a bill which offers guaranteed weekly hours to workers on zero-hours contracts.
Press Release - 11 July 2019
Food bank
MPs Heidi Allen and Frank Field set out today the beginnings of a reform programme which will take an axe to the root causes of destitution in this country.
Press Release - 03 July 2019
Commons Chamber
The announcement of new capital funding to help three Birkenhead schools provide high-quality nursery places for two-, three- and four-year-olds in the town, has been welcomed by Frank Field MP.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 02 July 2019
Liverpool Echo
The man's case was raised by Frank Field, the MP for Birkenhead, who told the House of Commons that he had already asked Ms Rudd for an inquiry.
Press Release - 28 June 2019
Commons Chamber
Birkenhead asked with a collective voice for our vital care services at the Miriam Medical Centre to be protected and strengthened. Today, our voice has been heard.
Press Release - 27 June 2019
Commons Chamber
Millions of pounds allocated by the Government to feed some of the poorest children in the country is unaccounted for, according to a new report being published today.
Press Release - 26 June 2019
Food bank
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field is calling for a renewed effort from the Government to eliminate pensioner poverty in Wirral, by ensuring eligible households are receiving their full Pension Credit entitlement of between £50 and £55 a week.
- 25 June 2019
The Times
The government’s aim should be to retain a universal TV licence exemption for over-75s, as well as a universal winter fuel payment. This is the most effective method of ensuring those pensioners in need of support continue receiving it. ?However, as part of each scheme, arrangements should be made for those who wish to do so to be given the option of contributing sums on a voluntary basis, equivalent to what they would have received in exemptions or allowances, into a national fund that pays for less well-off families of working age either to gain exemption from licence fees or to receive help with their fuel bills.
Press Release - 24 June 2019
Food bank
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field is seeking an immediate increase in Government funding for Merseyside Police, on the back of data from the House of Commons Library showing that, between 2010 and 2018: - The number of full time equivalent (FTE) police officers employed by Merseyside Police decreased by 24.5%; from 4,516, to 3,409. The average decrease across England and Wales was 14.8%. - The number of reported crimes in Merseyside increased by 25%. The increases ranged from 50% in Wirral, to 34% in Halton, 26% in St Helens, 22% in Liverpool, 21% in Sefton, and 12% in Knowsley.
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