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Article - Published in Sky News - 10 October 2018
Sky News
Frank Field, chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee has told Sky News he believes the government was hoping to hide the findings.
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 09 October 2018
MP Frank Field, who chairs the Commons Work and Pensions Committee and leads tonight’s debate, will press schools Minister Nick Gibb to urge the Treasury to exempt all school uniform from VAT.
Article - Published in The Daily Telegraph - 08 October 2018
School uniforms should be made VAT-free to bring down their "rip-off" prices and boost social mobility, ministers will be urged this week. Frank Field, the independent MP, said ministers should end the school uniform “rip- off” and lift VAT from 13-14 year olds to 18 year olds for school clothes would help social mobility and poorer families.
- Published in The Guardian - 04 October 2018
By building on the Home-Start model with a programme that protects parents’ mental health, strengthens the bonds with their child, and fosters a first-class home learning environment, the country would give itself a fighting chance of preventing children born into disadvantaged homes becoming poor adults.
Article - Published in The Observer - 01 October 2018
The report, by MP Frank Field and his assistant Andrew Forsey, paints a stark picture of a workforce where low wages, zero-hours contracts and disillusion are rife. Field, MP for Birkenhead, said it was “a scandal” that workers performing a key role in the lives of Britain’s growing elderly population were so poorly paid, hard-pressed and badly treated.
- Published in The Guardian - 27 September 2018
While Labour’s commitment of vast new sums towards preschool interventions is welcome, much more thought needs to be given to how they can be used most effectively to equalise children’s life chances. Much of the inequality that now exists between the life chances of children from relatively wealthy families and others from poorer backgrounds is accounted for by what happens at home – mainly in respect of the style of parenting and the home learning environment.
Press Release - 27 September 2018
Food bank
Frank Field MP today launches a major inquiry into the extent and consequences of ‘employment law evasion’ in the gig economy.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 26 September 2018
Frank Field MP launches inquiry examining law and enforcement as firms still ‘evade justice’ on worker rights
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 24 September 2018
Wirral Globe
The town's MP Frank Field told the Globe: "This news will give a tremendous boost to Birkenhead. "Six weeks ago, I wrote to Mike Ashley with an urgent plea to safeguard the future of our House of Fraser and the jobs of the store’s staff. "Thanks to the positive discussions that have taken place since then with the store’s landlord, this cornerstone of our town centre is being given a chance to flourish once again."
Press Release - 24 September 2018
Commons Chamber
The House of Commons debate, in which the previous Minister announced the creation of this Group, centred on the pay, working conditions and living standards of taxi and private hire drivers. This report addresses each of those important points.
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