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Article - Published in The Guardian - 07 July 2017
Frank Field MP and Andrew Forsey posit a simple but ingenious solution: make companies show their workforces are genuinely self-employed
Article - Published in ITV News - 07 July 2017
Frank Field is publishing his report days before the publication of Matthew Taylor's review of modern employment practices which was set up by the government.
Article - Published in City AM - 06 July 2017
City AM
"The government has acted on the evidence I submitted on the poverty pay and shoddy treatment meted out to some workers at the bottom of the ‘gig economy’, both by commissioning the Taylor Review and now by inquiring specifically around the private hire industry. Watch this space."
Article - Published in Daily Mail - 06 July 2017
Daily Mail
Labour's Frank Field said companies such as Uber flout the existing lax rules to get around paying drivers a decent living. His calls in a Westminster debate were met with a positive response from Transport minister John Hayes, who pledged to review the guidance issued to councils.
Press Release - 05 July 2017
Commons Chamber
In response to a request from Frank Field MP, the Government has announced the creation of a working party under an independent chair within the Department for Transport to inquire into the pay and working conditions at Uber. The announcement was made during this afternoon’s Westminster Hall debate which Frank secured on the regulation of working conditions in the private hire industry, within which Uber is a major operator.
Press Release - 05 July 2017
St George
Speaking today at the British Academy’s conference, Governing England: Devolution and identity in England, Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead, made a plea that all the participants to this debate get over the normal get-out clause for serious discussion, namely that as England is so large there can be no satisfactory federal solution to the post-Brexit governance of the United Kingdom.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 04 July 2017
Liverpool Echo
Frank Field, Labour MP for Birkenhead, predicted many Wirral households could be left without money they are entitled to over Christmas - because of huge administrative delays and errors in payments.
Article - Published in Progress - 04 July 2017
Employment law must be changed to protect the army of working people toiling away in today’s ‘gig economy’, writes Frank Field MP
Article - Published in Politics Home - 04 July 2017
House magazine
The irresistible rise of Uber embodies the rapid growth since 2010 of what is called the ‘gig economy’. As with other companies in the ‘gig economy’, Uber offers consumers rapid, low-cost, convenient access through their smartphones to a bevy of goods and services. It competes with other companies by offering consumers as low a price as possible for its services. Yet there is a human cost to this business model.
Lecture - 30 June 2017
Food bank
The text of Frank's speech delivered to the Government Statistical Service and Office for National Statistics on Friday 20th June 2017
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