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Police response is painfully slow on all fronts, says Birkenhead’s MP

06 February 2017
Food bank Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field today calls for Wirral’s Police force to improve its rates of response, both to local residents’ reports of crime and antisocial behaviour and to his requests for updates on what is being done to keep residents safe.

Frank wrote to the Area Commander, Chief Superintendent Ian Hassall, over a month ago, on 4 January, to request a meeting. The request followed an admission from a local Police officer that, in Birkenhead, ‘businesses and local residents in the area […] only call the Police when the antisocial behaviour gets ‘out of hand’ as they know Police resources are stretched. It is a sad fact that the threshold for antisocial behaviour is high within [the] Birkenhead area compared to other areas across the Wirral. The local community tolerate a much higher level of ASB before they contact the Police’.

In his letter to the Area Commander, Frank wrote: ‘You will know how troubled I have been in recent years by the antisocial behaviour which blights the lives of too many of my constituents.

‘Having long campaigned for the Police to be given all of the resources it needs to identify, catch, and charge those responsible for antisocial behaviour in Birkenhead, I was really encouraged to learn last year that Wirral Council had agreed to place its resources under the command of the Police, in an attempt to respond more effectively to antisocial behaviour in the town.

‘It seems as though my constituents are putting up with an unacceptably high level of antisocial behaviour before they pick up the phone, as they have doubts around the ability of the Police to respond effectively to each incident.’

‘Might I therefore seek a meeting with you please […] to ask now that the Council’s resources have been placed under the command of the Police, is there a single counter-antisocial behaviour force, under a single command structure, in operation in Birkenhead?’

To date, Frank has yet to receive a full response to his letter. In the meantime, he has continued receiving reports from dismayed residents in Rock Ferry regarding threatening and intimidating behaviour; and North Birkenhead regarding the persistent failure to tackle antisocial behaviour, due to the malfunctioning of CCTV.

Commenting on the current situation, Frank says: ‘Too many decent residents feel, as do I, that the Police are fighting a losing battle against the groups of thugs who feel they can roam free and terrorise as they please. Having raised this problem over a month ago with the Area Commander, I’m still waiting for a full response. If this is how the town’s MP is treated, how on earth are residents’ complaints dealt with?’


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