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Birkenhead’s MP kick-starts campaign to boost manufacturing in Merseyside

01 May 2019
Commons Chamber Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field has today written to dozens of manufacturing firms in Merseyside seeking their ideas for new policies that will enable them to grow, create jobs, and generate prosperity for our region.

Frank recently proposed a customs union to help safeguard manufacturers’ supply chains and exports, and applied for a debate in Parliament on the apprenticeship levy. He is now asking firms, trade unions, and the public for their thoughts on the issues he should be lobbying and campaigning on in Parliament, and with the regional authorities, to ensure our manufacturing industry has the tools it needs to flourish.

In particular, he is seeking proposals around skills and training policies, financial support offered by taxpayers, research and development funding, access to credit and business support services, building local supply chains, developing links with higher education, and the opportunities and risks facing the industry.

Commenting on the campaign, Frank says: ‘A thriving manufacturing industry must be at the heart of any strategy to create well-paid jobs, generate high levels of productivity, and boost living standards across Merseyside. Clearly there are several levers that will need to be pulled, if this strategy is to be successful, and I am anxious to build up as much evidence as possible on the reforms we should be championing, both nationally and locally, for this to happen.’


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